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Unlock Your Vitality



Learn the SCIENCE of looking and feeling epic in this incredible LIVE course!

What’s included?


  • LIVE bi-weekly 1 hour Q&A calls with BOTH Gabriel and Rachel Varga. This is a first come first serve exclusive community with limited spaces in an intensive 6 week program to get you MOTIVATED, FIT and LOOKING SHARP in 6 weeks! ($199 x 12 value)
  • Immediate access to the 10+ never-before-seen video VAULT sharing our favourite tips. ($999 value)
  • 25% off of a One on One call with Rachel Varga an expert in Skin Aging and Rejuvenation as featured by Dave Asprey, JJ Virgin, Dr. Anthony Youn and more! ($199 value)
  • Exclusive expert interviews with some of the biggest ICONS in Health and Wellness bringing YOU the most up to date information on diet, exercise, hormones, gene analysis, skin, rejuvenation and more… (INVALUABLE!)

Unlock Your Vitality is valued at over $3,500!

First come first serve for only $397 before this LIVE program SELLS OUT! Gabriel is unable to offer this LIVE program during fight/training camps so this a limited time offer!


  • Access to our private FB group only for a limited number of first come first serve Masterclass Registrants to get laser coaching in our LIVE calls!
  • Access the Unlock Your Vitality video VAULT and take it at your own pace
  • Take it solo or take it with a loved one/partner to keep each other motivated as it’s great for all genders
  • LIVE Q&A with some of the biggest ICONS in the health and wellness space


  • How to get in better shape?
  • What should I eat?
  • How do I get a 6 pack?
  • How do I get clearer skin?
  • How to modify your diet to your specific needs?
  • Avoid the motivation rut?
  • How to look as good as I feel?
  • Am I worth it?
  • Where do I start in regards to looking and feeling better?
  • Does this stuff cost a lot of money?
  • What’s your best self care routine tip?
  • What’s the most important self care hack?
  • What works and what doesn’t?
  • How to stay motivated when life gets busy?
  • How do I do this with my partner and family?


Donna from Colorado, USA

I have had the privilege of meeting Rachel though my daughter. I think she is incredible. She is a very knowledgeable person on skin and skincare. She has taught me so much. She took lots of time with me to figure out about my skin and getting the right products to use. My skin has never looked better I have had people say I look younger after using the things Rachel has recommended. I think as I go forward I know my skin will look great. She is a treasure.

Gabriel Varga is the man!

By Roland from Melbourne, AU

Thank you so much for motivating and keeping up the inspiration through this difficult time. I take all of your tips and implement them into my training. I myself have also been working hard to try and bring out content focused around home training for martial arts specific strength training as well as high-intensity workouts. You have really inspired me through this mate! Help spread the love, and support Gabriel’s content guys, he is a truly inspirational guy! Keep up the grind.

Post Consultation with Rachel

By Analese from San Diego, USA

I recently had a virtual one on one consultation with Rachel and started using the medical grade products that she picked out for me. It’s only been about 3 weeks and I am noticing a HUGE difference! Rachel was so easy to talk to and made the whole process feel like talking to a friend. She’s so knowledgeable and took the time to actually listen to my concerns. It was completely different than any other experience I’ve had with a medical professional in the past. It’s very obvious that she’s passionate about helping her patients! I’ll be recommending her to all of my family and friends. Thank you so much Rachel!

It’s great to have content from an accomplished fighter!

By Plamen from New York, USA

All the videos are pure treasure for fighters and fans alike. It’s great to have insights from an accomplished fighter. I love it when a fighter has such a deep analytical approach. You are able to present your thoughts in a very good way, and the videos are all nicely edited and very well made. Thank you very much for the effort, keep the content coming, please 🙂

Well Researched

By Earth Mama from California, USA

I’m a physician with a special interest in skin health, vitality and overall well being. Rachel’s podcast and work brings in well researched topics that are not just informative but also really fun to listen to!


By Yolanda from Florida, USA

Rachel provided me a personalized consultation via skype. She was very lovely and fun during the consultation and provided more than what I expected. She not only gave me a detailed consultation on my personal features and goals for anti aging. But also provided highly reputable local doctors in my area and what warning signs to look out for. She is someone I trust and will turn to again and again if I have any questions or concerns on medical skincare and procedures!


By Lisa from Salt Spring, CA

Dear, authentic, soulful and magical Rachel. A true light in the world sharing her unique sweet energy with us all. Inspirational being with so much to offer all who seek!


By Micheal from New York, USA

I recently met and found Rachel’s show “The Rachel Varga Podcast” and love her alignment. Who she is in person is who you hear on her podcast. She’s a must follow IMHO.

Down to Earth and Real Talk Advice

By Dr. Lauryn from California, USA

Love Rachel’s down to earth spirit and spunk she brings to the beauty and health world. In a world with sooooo much noise this chick helps calm the chaos and lift your spirts with her practical sustainable approach to health optimization

Straight Forward

By Lisa Jordan from Louisiana, USA

Just had my initial consultation with Rachel. She is so knowledgeable and straight forward with what your skin needs. Can’t wait to start my new routine!


By Beth from USA

I love Rachel Varga’s podcasts! There is nothing better than taking care of the inside, mentally, nutritionally and with physical activity to glow on the outside. As well with self care. This podcast reiterates the importance of this with these two fantastic and knowledgeable health care professionals and very down to earth ladies.

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